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Report says Japan planning to launch a military space force

According to a report Japan is planning on launching a military space force by 2019, which would initially be given the task of protecting satellites from any dangerous debris which is orbiting the Earth. On Sunday the Kyodo news agency said that the move is aimed at reinforcing the cooperation between Japan and the US in space and it comes after the countries had pledged to boost their joint work on monitoring the space debris.

Kyodo have said, citing unnamed sources, that  information would be provided to the US military by Japan which had been obtained by the force as a part of the joint bid to strengthen their ties in space, which is the so-called ‘fourth battlefield’. The news agency added that the defence ministry in Japan is looking to create the new force through using personnel from the country’s air force, the Air Self-Defence Force.

Kyodo said that the unit would acquire radar and telescope facilities, jointly with the science ministry and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, so that it would be able to run its observatory operations.

There are thousands of pieces of debris, which include old satellites and also parts of rockets and other space equipment, which are orbiting the Earth and are threatening to collide with working communications and reconnaissance satellites.

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