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Reminder for residents over bins

West Lancashire Borough Council is reminding residents who are still using blue boxes or bags for recycling to order a blue bin for glass, cans and plastic bottles recycling or a green bin for cardboard and paper for free by 31 October 2018.

The Council is replacing blue boxes with blue bins and using green bins to replace blue bags to help the authority increase its recycling performance to 50% by 2020, keep our streets cleaner, and ensure collection systems are efficient and resources managed effectively.

Residents who do not have a green or blue bin will receive one free of charge if they request one by 31 October 2018, after which any blue or green bins requested will incur a charge of £25. From 1 November 2018 recycling will only be collected if it is presented in the correct coloured bin, unless you have been informed your property qualifies to keep using boxes and bags.

To order a new blue or green bin, please visit refuse and select the link to request a new bin towards the bottom of the page.

Heidi McDougall, Director of Leisure and Environment, said: “It is paramount that collection systems are consistent and efficient across the Borough to increase our recycling performance to 50% by 2020. A lot of the blue boxes have disappeared and residents are utilising various types of containers to present their waste causing operational issues, while using blue and green bins for recycling means more of those materials can be collected. Hopefully the offer of free bins will help residents make the switch by the end of October and welcome a more efficient service.”

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