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PCSOs and neighbourhood officers conduct community in Acregate, Little Digmoor

Following the success of the community action event at The Concourse last week, neighbourhood officers and PCSOs will be conducting a similar event today (Tuesday 8th August 2017) on Acregate in Little Digmoor, outside of the Singh shop.

We have managed to get hold of more shed alarms, bike marking kits and information leaflets which will all be free of charge. We will also be promoting In The Know and aiming to sign people up to the site, where you can receive regular updates regarding criminal activity in your area and information on how to keep yourself and others around you safe. Our officers and PCSOs will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A community skip will also be available at this location so feel free to come along and dump that rubbish that we’ve all been meaning to clear this summer!

Have a lovely day Skelmersdale!

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