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New Bus Service for Tanhouse

Lancashire County Councillors, Terry Aldridge and John Fillis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport.

The 3A Lancashire County Council Bus Service from Burscough to Apply Bridge will now be extended to Tanhouse from 5th December 2016, every hour Monday to Saturday daytime. The new service will run along Grimshaw Road, to additionally serve Tanhouse Road in both directions.

The previous private bus Service 312, a circular route between Skelmersdale, Tanhouse and Digmoor back to Skelmersdale including Asda, was withdrawn. This was a commercial decision made by Arriva and outside the influence of Lancashire County Council.

Whilst Digmoor continues to be accessible to alternative more frequent direct bus Services 375 & 385, linking to Skelmersdale and Wigan, Tanhouse is no longer served by any public transport service.

Based on analysis of electronic ticket machine data and on bus surveys there were estimated to be approximately 45,000 passenger trips made on the service. About 60% of these passenger trips travelled to/from the Tanhouse area (27,000 pa), equating to over 100 passenger trips per day, of which around 70% are concessionary pass holders (being either elderly or disabled).

No other bus service providers have been willing to enter the Skelmersdale area to provide a replacement bus service through Tanhouse on a commercial basis.

Lancashire County Councillor Terry Aldridge said “This is another example of profits before passengers. Despite Conservative Government Cuts, Lancashire County Council is still here for local people.

Figures demonstrate that people using the bus services are often elderly, young or families living on low incomes just trying to get on with their day to day lives. Going to work or school, meeting family or friends, shopping, visiting their GP or attending hospital appointments. All these normal activities are and will be affected by the lack of transport, changing the very nature of the areas as our residents are put at risk of becoming more isolated and seeing their opportunities restricted.”

Lancashire County Councillor John Fillis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, has approved the proposed revisions (10/11/16) to tendered bus Service 3A in Skelmersdale. This decision should be implemented immediately for the purposes of Standing Order 34(3) as any delay could adversely affect the execution of the County Council’s responsibilities. The reason for this is to ensure that the revisions to tendered local bus Service 3A are in place as soon as possible.

Councillor John Fillis said “These new arrangement will not affect current passengers. The current service route and timetable has been assessed and it is possible to divert Service 3A from its current route along Grimshaw Road, in Skelmersdale, to additionally serve Tanhouse Road in both directions. There is no extra cost to the county council and we believe that the additional passengers from the Tanhouse route will reduce the cost of the service to local tax payers.

This diversion will be accommodated within the current financial cost of the existing contract provision, however there is expected to be an estimated additional 15% rise in revenue income (around £10,000) from the increased passenger numbers, from £62,000 to £72,000 per annum this would reduce the estimated net contract cost to the County Council from £185,000 to £175,000 per annum.”


APPENDIX A – Revision to Tendered Bus Service in Skelmersdale

Service Route and Timetable Page 1 of 4


From APPLEY BRIDGE Mill Lane via Mill Lane, Miles Lane, Skull House Lane, Appley Lane North, Appley Lane South, Bank Brow, ROBY MILL, Roby Mill, Stoney Brow, College Road, Dingle Road, HALL GREEN, Ormskirk Road, Highgate Road*, Mayfield Road*, Morris Road*, Delamere Way*, Deardon Way*, Ormskirk Road, Newgate Road, Windmill Road, Grimshaw Road, Tanhouse Road, Grimshaw Road,

SKELMERSDALE, Southway, Northway, SKELMERSDALE Concourse, Southway, Northway, Ingram, Asda Superstore Bus Stop, Ingram, Northway, Ashurst Road, WHALLEYS, Whalleys Road, Cobb’s Brow Lane, NEWBURGH, Ash Brow, PARBOLD, Alder Lane, Lancaster Lane, The Common, Station Road, Mill

Lane, Alder Lane, Ash Brow, NEWBURGH, Course Lane, LATHOM, Lowry Hill Lane, Briars Lane, BURSCOUGH, Square Lane, Junction Lane, Liverpool Road North, BURSCOUGH BRIDGE, StationApproach to turn on roundabout back along to Station Approach (Tesco Bus Stop).

Returning from BURSCOUGH BRIDGE Station Approach (Tesco Bus Stop) via Station Approach then outward route reversed to PARBOLD Alder Lane then via Lancaster Lane, The Common, Station Road, Mill Lane, Alder Lane, Ash Brow, NEWBURGH, Cobb’s Brow Lane then outward reversed to SKELMERSDALE Asda Superstore then Ingram, Northway, SKELMERSDALE Concourse, Southway then outward route reversed to APPLEY BRIDGE Appley Lane South then Mill Lane to APPLEY BRIDGE Mill Lane.

Hail and Ride applies on these and all rural roads.

Time Tables are available on the web site.

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