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Music for recovery

Warrington band ‘The Recoverists’ will showcase their talents in a powerful documentary about how music helped them overcome addiction.

Members of the band have worked together to film a short documentary which will be showcased at the Pyramid Centre later this month.

The film shows the band’s journey from its modest beginnings through to some of their biggest achievements and illustrates how a love of music has helped them on the journey to recovery.

Band members, Sean Taylor, 42, Paula Kenyon, 43, David Cooper, 41, John Clare, 45 and Stuart Greaves, 40, all attended the Pathways to Recovery service, led by health charity CGL (Change, Grow, Live)The integrated drug and alcohol treatment service provides a full range of treatment options, guidance and support and a clear pathway to recovery for people affected by drugs and/or alcohol misuse.

Rhythm guitarist, Sean, said: “I’ve always loved music and it’s been great to be able to use it as a way of helping people in their recovery. I’m really impressed with the film, it looks so professional and it’ll make people laugh in moments but also has a deep message running through it. I can’t thank Creative Remedies enough for this opportunity.”

The service, commissioned by Warrington Borough Council, gives service users the opportunity to take part in the Creative Remedies programme, an art for health scheme, which runs various community groups aiming to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Activities in the programme include performing arts, music, digital photography and film production. Community engagement officer, Pete Regan, supported members to form the band while working with them in the Creative Remedies sessions and now plays bass as part of the group.

The Recoverists formed 18 months ago after founding member, Sean Taylor, had completed his treatment and was working as a peer mentor while helping to run the music group for Creative Remedies.

Cllr Pat Wright, executive board member for statutory health and adult social care, said: “Creative Remedies is a fantastic programme that uses music and the arts as a way of bringing people together to support each other through difficult times. I’m extremely proud of the hard work that members of the band and the Creative Remedies group have put in to making this film and it’s going to be fantastic to see their work on display.”

Dean Hughes filmed and produced the documentary, he said: “I first met the group when I filmed their first gig at a small event and they were all so nervous. Being part of making this documentary has given me the chance to see how far they’ve come and how their confidence with their musical ability. It’s been so much fun to make and I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction at the showcase!”

Lead singer and guitarist, Paula Kenyon and drummer, David Cooper, said: “Being part of the group is a big part of our lives as we formed not long after we came into recovery and met some really nice people. When we play together, we really enjoy it and are getting better all the time – we get a real buzz off it!”

The film showcase will take place on Thursday 31 August at 6.30pm at the Pyramid Centre on Palmyra Square. The band will then take to the stage to perform some of their favourite songs.

The trailer for the documentary can be seen at youtu.be/1vBMlX1M3TQ

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