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Meerkats and Skunks winning the hearts of Skelmersdale Care Home residents

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Residents living at Stocks Hall Nursing Home in Skelmersdale have been getting wise with wildlife after receiving a visit from Home Safari Animal Assisted Therapy.

The Home Safari made a memorable visit for all and everyone really enjoyed them coming to visit.  Pet Therapy, as is proven, brings an extreme amount of pleasure to so many people and whilst loving the experience, it was both therapeutic on physical and emotional health.

Those living at the Skelmersdale Home, families, and friends alike, commented on how wonderful it was to see all the varying animals within the comfort of their own Home. There were a few animals however, the Skunk, Meerkat and Skinny Pig that stood out as the named favourites of everyone.

Mark Clintworth, Activities Staff at the Home says “It’s been really great to be able to offer this kind of therapy to people living at the Home. Home Safari Animals are a real treat, the visit made everyone smile constantly. There’s loads of research out there which says interacting with animals can reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. It inspired and helped to get a lot of people talking about this special experience throughout the day.”

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