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Have your say on local chemists

How handy is your local chemist? Is it open when you need it? Does it provide the types of health services you want and expect?

St Helens residents are being asked for their experiences as part of a statutory process called The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). It results in a document that presents a picture of the pharmacy – or ‘chemist’ – requirements of the local population.

The document details community pharmacies and other providers of pharmacy services, how these services are currently delivered and what the current and potential future need is for pharmacy services in St Helens.

Director of Public Health Liz Gaulton explained: “The PNA is used to make decisions about whether we allow new pharmacies to open up in St Helens or approve changes to existing pharmacies – for instance if they want to move premises or provide more pharmacy services.”

The draft PNA has been put together by the local Health and Wellbeing Board – but residents now have 60 days to add their comments.

The consultation opens on Friday 17 October and runs until Saturday 20 December. You can make your views known through an online questionnaire available at www.sthelens.gov.uk/pna

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