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LGA responds to Big Brother Watch report

Responding to the report by Big Brother Watch, alleging that councils have experienced over 98 million cyber-attacks between 2013-2017, an LGA spokesperson said:

“Whether they are council, government, or business owned, websites are being constantly bombarded by cyber-attacks every single day, and protecting against and responding to attacks is a part of everyday digital life.

“Very few of these attacks actually manage to breach the firewalls or scanning systems in place, and councils are working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre to make sure that their systems and processes are as robust and resilient as possible.

“When it comes to data protection, local authorities take their responsibility to keep their residents’ data safe extremely seriously.

“Councils will undertake whatever measures are necessary to keep residents’ data safe and the LGA has been helping councils to adopt “secure by design” approaches to new systems and services.”

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