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Lancashire’s £6 Million Underspend on Roads

Mill Lane, Up Holland

In the face of unprecedented public dissatisfaction with the state of Lancashire’s roads. During a questions and answer session with leading finance and highways officers from the county about what has gone so badly wrong this year. Lancashire County Council Officers identified that over £6 million of highways revenue funding had not been spent this financial year 2017/18.

(The actual figures predicted by the officers was £6.9 million would be underspent from the Highways Budget. This would be confirmed in the end of financial year accounts.)

This is on top of the £3 million which the Conservative administration has already accepted that they failed to spend on estate roads.

It became evident during the meeting that the money would not be spent this year and there were no plans to spend the money next year.

These figures were produced before last week’s freezing weather which will only added to the back log of pothole repairs.

Cllr Steve Holgate, Labour Finance Spokesperson said “In last week’s budget the Conservatives failed to identify any extra funding for potholes and voted against Labour’s proposal to spend an extra £5 million specifically on repairing potholes.”

“They did claim they were to spend an extra £5 million on highways, yet we have now found out they have failed to spend over £6 million pound on repairing potholes.”

“What we now need to know is the extra money they claim they are going to spend is it just a rehash of the £6 million they failed to spend.”

“In order to prevent any miss understanding the officers were asked directly. If we told the public that the council has underspent over £6 million of highways funding this year would we be accurate. The answer was quite clear from officers. Yes.”

“What the people of Lancashire want is openness and honesty about when their roads are going to be fixed, not these fake figures being produced by this Conservative administration.”

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