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Lancashire Winter Warning Ignored

People are complaining right across Lancashire that there have been delays to gritting despite weather warning of freezing temperatures and snow. This follows the decision by the Conservative Administration at Lancashire County Council to cut gritting services by delaying call out temperatures in August 2018 (Original press release Lancashire Cuts Winter Gritting produced 9/8/18).

“Lancashire County Council have decided to lower the road surface temperature intervention level from +1.0C to +0.5C. Cutting the gritting treatments on the highway network this winter.

The County Council are hoping to save £110k per annum, by reducing the number of network gritting treatments during the winter period to primary and secondary routes.

Cutting the intervention is predicted to reduce the number of gritting treatments by 894 across Lancashire. This figure is based on the intervention levels of +1.0C over the past two winters.”

The response to local people from the council is to claim that the gritting is better on top of the snow, that is why there is a delay.

Cllr John Fillis, Deputy Leader, Labour Group, said “Sadly we told them so. That cutting gritting deployment would lead to problems not only of delays in response times but also in the amount of the network that could be gritted especially on secondary routes.”

“I and every other councillor, have been inundated with phone calls all morning from local residents unable to get down the road and reports, thankfully so far, of only minor accidents. Which are traumatic for the individual involved but thankful no serious injuries reported.”

“At the time of the Conservative cuts to gritting we were informed that it would be reviewed if problems occurred. We hope the Conservatives will keep their promise to the People of Lancashire. As 894 less gritting rounds are causing major disruptions right across Lancashire.”

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