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Lancashire Shadow Combined Authority

Lancashire County Council, Labour Group will be proposing that a review takes place of the Shadow Lancashire Combined Authority at the full council meeting to be held on 26th October 2017.

This would enable the authorities involved to establish a round table partnership approach to working with the government for the benefit of Lancashire People.

The proposal recognises the independence of the authorities, making it clear that this would not include a mayor.

Councillor John Fillis, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, said “The political landscape has changed. The government is opening up new opportunities to enable local authorities across Lancashire to work closer together and is actively seeking discussions to build a new partnership that delivers improved services to our communities.”

The public does not want a mayor. Lancashire has a very strong heritage in local government that people can be proud of. No one will thank us for just another level of local government.”

What local government needs is the tools to do the job. To support the needs and aspirations of our local communities providing them with the infrastructure, facilities and services that they deserve. By working together we can and will deliver as partners not political parties.”

Shadow Combined Authority (Motion to Lancashire County Council)

Shadow Combined Authority

This council supports the ongoing work to engage with all councils in Lancashire to review the arrangements around joint working and the Shadow Combined Authority, in order to establish a new collective round table approach to working with the government for the benefit of the people of Lancashire.

Council resolves that the following principles guide this work:

  • All Lancashire Councils should be involved, including those who have indicated they would not support the previous Combined Authority proposals
  • That there is no elected Mayor for all of Lancashire
  • That the discussions aim to establish a formal partnership
  • That all partners have an equal input and retain their autonomy

Moved Cllr Fillis Seconded Cllr Ali

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