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Lancashire On Street Parking Chaos – Tory contempt for democracy

We received the following press release from the Lancashire County Council Labour Group and have published it in full below.

Adding to the chaos and confusion surrounding the Budget Cabinet Meeting (3rd December 2018) Conservative Councillors including the Council Leader are claiming that proposal to introduce “On Street Parking” charges for income generation across Lancashire, would be part of the public consultation.

However the minutes of the published Cabinet Meeting reinforce the fact that, On Street Parking charges would remain in the proposals that where not to be consulted on. Appendix D, Service Challenge Savings (Consultation not required). As such the work would begin on the implementation of these proposals.

“(vii)    Approve the budget proposals set out in Appendices ‘C’ and ‘D’, authorise officers to proceed with their implementation and agree that the 2019/20 budget is based upon these revenue decisions.” Minutes of the Cabinet Recommendations held on the 3rd December 2018”

This was the decision taken by the Conservative Cabinet as they shut the meeting down without any further debate on their budget proposals.

These increases in charges would affect initially Burnley, Lytham, Ormskirk, Clitheroe, Whalley, Carnforth, Colne, Padiham, Nelson, Chorley, Cleveleys, Poulton and Great Harwood. Lancaster and Preston would also see an increase in number of on street pay and display machines.

Cllr Azhar Ali, Leader of Lancashire Labour Group said “This Conservative Administration is in a right mess, the wheels have fallen off their budget wagon. Even the Conservative Leader and his Cabinet do not know what they have agreed to when it comes to budget decisions. It’s clear by the minutes of the meeting that they will not be consulting with the public on the introduction of “On Street Parking Charges”.”

“Highways legislation will force them to consult on the individual schemes. Where they intend to pick off one town at a time to cover the budget deficit. It’s bad enough imposing these charges it is even worse to attempt to mislead the public on the implementation.”

“These Tory Taxes on our Towns will only add to the burden of our high street shops which are working very hard to keep their heads above water. The people of Lancashire deserve better than these Conservative dirty tricks.”

“We will be demanding that this goes out to full public consultation. As far as Labour is concerned Highways Legislation is there to improve areas not destroy them.”

The time has come for County Cllr Geoff Driver to resign as the people of Lancashire have lost confidence in his shambolic and divisive leadership of the County Council.

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