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Lancashire £2 million Underspend on Drainage & Flooding

Today, the Lancashire Labour Group revealed that Lancashire County Council has failed to spend over £2 million allocated to drainage and flood prevention work in this financial year.

Many areas of Lancashire have been flooded over the past few years with local people crying out for work to be done to support their homes and businesses.

The council has not been prepared to identify what work has not been done. More importantly they have not specified if this funding will be carried over into the 2018/19 financial year.

County Councillor Erica Lewis (Lancaster South East) said, “I’m shocked that in a year when Lancaster once again flooded the County Council has failed to spend everything it could to improve drainage and prevent flooding.”

“In many areas of council work, there is a legitimate explanation that Government cuts to local government funding mean that there isn’t enough money. But on this occasion, the money was in the budget £460,000 for drainage works, and £1.6 million for flood prevention.

“Given the concern and misery that poor drainage and risk of flooding cause many residents, the Labour Group calls on the current Conservative administration to guarantee that this money will be rolled over to the 18/19 budget and that there be no further delays in undertaking this work.

“It will not be acceptable to residents who’ve been flooded that this money simply isn’t spent, and the work isn’t done.

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