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Guests enjoy a ‘super celebration’ with the Mayor of West Lancashire to mark Prince Charles’ 70th birthday

The Mayor of West Lancashire hosted a special celebration to mark Prince Charles landmark birthday and photos from the day are being sent to the Prince himself.

The Prince turned 70 on 14 November and Councillor Noel Delaney invited West Lancashire residents who are also 70 in 2018 to an afternoon tea in the Mayor’s Room.

20 guests came along and everyone really enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of chatter and some people met up with old friends they hadn’t seen for years.

A number of those who attend contacted the Council to thank them for the event.

One said: “It was a super celebration yesterday and we would like to thank you for a truly memorable afternoon.”

Another said: “It was great to speak to the Mayor and his Lady, as well as fellow `oldies’.”

Councillor Delaney said: “I am glad that all the guests enjoyed our tea party to celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.”

The Council organised this event as part of its membership of the National Association of Civic Officers. The association has told the Council photos from this event are likely to appear in an album to be sent to Prince Charles of parties that have taken place across the country to mark the occasion.

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