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Greater Manchester railway gets reliability boost

As part of the Great North Rail Project, a £725,000 project is underway to improve the reliability of the Liverpool to Manchester railway.

On a section of track near Eccles station, Network Rail’s Team Orange are filling a disused subway with 2,000 tonnes of stone to make the track above more safe and stable. This work will also create smoother journeys for passengers that travel along this busy line.

Jack Ryder, scheme project manager at Network Rail said: “As part of the Great North Rail Project, we are keeping our railways across the North in good working order by removing any obstacles that have the potential to disrupt people’s journeys.

“While the railway line is completely safe, our £725,000 upgrade work to remove the redundant subway from beneath the railway at Eccles will not only improve the quality of the track, but it will mean less maintenance costs are required at this location in the future.”

The upgrade work is taking place from 13 August until 21 September. The railway will be closed throughout the weekend of 8 September to allow for the former subway underneath the railway to be filled in and taken out of use.

During this time, passengers are asked to check before they travel by visiting www.nationalrail.co.uk.

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