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Garswood Primary School celebrates Harry Potter Book Night

Garswood Primary School could have easily been mistaken for Hogwarts as it celebrated the first ever Harry Potter Book Night.

On arrival the children, dressed as wizards, witches and muggles, were ‘sorted’ into houses in The Forbidden Forest; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff & Slytherin, then got involved with different themed activities including Quidditch, wand decorating, spell casting and word games.

They then sat and watched a display of flying owls and hawk, courtesy of Gauntlet Birds of Prey, and had the opportunity to handle the birds.

Finally the children had the chance to visit ‘Honeydukes’, Garswood’s own olde worlde sweet-shop selling treats such as Fizzing Whizzbees, Ton Tongues and Clippy Clip Joint Clippings. Some tried the ‘Butter Beer’ but most agreed that they preferred the Pumpkin Juice.

Headteacher, Pamela Potter, said: “It’s wonderful to hold events such as this to reinvigorate children’s love of literature.

“Garswood children love to read, and tonight has been a celebration of their enthusiasm.”

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