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End Violence at Work Charter in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council Labour Group is calling on the authority to sign up to the End Violence at Work Charter in order to show its commitment to tackling violence in the workplace. In a motion to be moved by Cty Cllr Lizzi Collinge and seconded by Cty Cllr Julie Gibson at the Full Council meeting in February the Labour Group will ask the Council to commit to backing the Charter and show its support to staff who experience violent situations.

In a joint statement the two Cllrs said: “Most of us come to our places of work safe in the knowledge that whatever stresses or challenges we may face we will rarely face any threat of physical violence.  But that isn’t always the case for many thousands of workers.”

Research by the trade UNISON has shown that over half of its members in the community sector had experienced an incident of violence or aggression at work in the previous two years. These appalling incidents include staff being punched, pushed and kicked.  Staff have also been threatened with weapons and held against their will.

Cllr Gibson said: “Whilst we are confident that any reports of violence at LCC are dealt with in an appropriate manner, by adopting the Charter we are asking the Council to make a public commitment to tackling violence at work.  We will also be asking the Council to ensure that any future contractors are aware of, and also sign up to, the Violence at Work Charter.”

Echoing the comments of her colleague, Cllr Collinge concluded: “Violence must not be seen as “part of the job”.  As a major local authority the County Council employs thousands of staff across Lancashire.  Adopting the standards set out in the Charter will show our workforce that we are serious in our obligation to protect them and send re-assurances to them that we take their welfare seriously.

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