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Dinosaur egg discovered in Skelmersdale school!

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An amazing discovery occurred over the weekend when what appears to be a dinosaur egg was discovered in the grounds of St John’s Catholic Primary School in Skelmersdale. Upon the discovery the relevant authorities were informed and a visit from a palaeontologist was arranged.

In addition to the palaeontologist, there have been forensic experts on scene to carry out investigations to discover more about the mysterious egg. The palaeontologist, Professor Terence Dactyl, arrived at the school to examine the egg and to carry out an investigation into the egg and any other discoveries that were found. Among the discoveries were four dinosaur teeth, which Professor Dactyl said were from four different dinosaurs. Professor Dactyl said that the four teeth came from, a Baryonyx, a Megolasaur, an Iguanadon and a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Could the discovery of those four teeth give an indication as to what type of egg was discovered?

Amateur palaeontologists from St John’s Primary will be investigating the discovery of the dinosaur egg during the coming week and will endeavour to solve the mystery of the dinosaur egg!

We will wait with anticipation for more about what the amateur palaeontologists discover in their quest to solve the mystery of the ‘Skelmersdale Dinosaur Egg!’

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