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Deadline to change from blue boxes to blue bins has been extended

West Lancashire Borough Council is extending the deadline for residents to change from using a blue box to a blue bin to recycle items such as glass, plastic bottles and tins to October.

The Council is still implementing the change from boxes to bins as over time many blue boxes have disappeared and residents are now utilising various types of containers to present their waste.

To ensure that collection systems are efficient and resources managed effectively it is paramount that the collection system is consistent across the Borough and that adequate capacity is available to residents to help increase our recycling performance to 50% by 2020. This is why residents are now being asked to change to a blue bin from a blue box if they have not already done so.

A report is going to the Council meeting on 18 July about blue bins and boxes and further updates will be released after that meeting.

When blue bins were first introduced residents retaining the box were advised that the blue box would not be replaced if it was lost or damaged and replaced with a bin. At the time residents would not have incurred a charge. This has, however, changed due to the introduction of charges for replacement containers. Charges for replacement wheeled bins have been in place for a number of years after they were agreed at the Council meeting in October 2013 and implemented in June 2014.

If residents are concerned about only generating small amounts of recycling or the cost of a bin it is possible to share with a neighbour.  Alternatively, the bin can be presented less often or small amounts of recycling can be disposed of at a household recycling centre. The Council also offers an assisted collection for those residents who are unable to move a wheeled bin.

In the meantime, the changes to the green and brown bins have been implemented and the use of blue bags withdrawn, except for those properties that are unable to have a bin due to the design of their properties or the type of vehicle they are serviced by and therefore residents are encouraged to order their bins before the deadline of 16 July. If you have not yet subscribed to the garden waste service it is not too late. Customers who were subscribed to the service in 2017/18 will get a free brown bin, or the equivalent number if they subscribed last year, provided they subscribe before 16 July. To subscribe please visit www.westlancs.gov.uk/refuse. You can also find further details of the services provided via this link.

The Council is continuing to deal with enquiries received and delivery of all bins will continue over the coming weeks.  If you have already contacted us about the changes to bins there is no need to contact us again. Residents should continue to use their existing containers until the new ones arrive and then switch to using the new containers.

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