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Dangerous Selfish Drivers on Southport Road

Cllr Nikki Hennessy is demanding the police take immediate action regarding dangerous parking along Southport Road. Right on top of the notorious Southport Road and County Road Junction.

These cars are being parked 24/7 on the pavement. Causing a dangerous obstruction, blocking pushchairs and wheelchairs from getting through along with pedestrians, forcing people on to the road. Such an obstruction is a police matter.

Cllr Nikki Hennessy, said “I have been contacted by many local residents and people from the surrounding area who use this pavement on a regular base and never before have they come across such selfish and dangerous parking. These drivers clearly have no road sense or consideration for their neighbours or general public, especially people with children or in a wheelchair.”

“The police are the only authority who can take action regarding such an obstruction. I have contacted them as a matter of urgency and I would ask local people to the same. Before someone is hurt or seriously injured.”

Local residents have said that there has not been any real problems in the past but this situation is dangerous for people trying to get past in the mornings especially with young children.

It also restricts the views of cars trying to off the drives on to the road from people’s homes causing a hazard due to oncoming traffic.

Residents have spoken to the landlord and tenants but been totally ignored, it’s time for the police to do something.

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