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Contact the council online for reporting litter, dog fouling, noise pollution and abandoned vehicles

From 17 February, residents will only be able to report incidents of litter, dog fouling, noise pollution and abandoned vehicles via the website (www.knowsley.gov.uk) or the Knowsley Council app (available to download for free from the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play).

The cost of handling enquiries in the council’s One Stop Shops is approximately £7 per enquiry, compared to just 17p for online transactions.  To reduce the financial burden of dealing with more than 45,000 face to face enquiries and 300,000 calls per year to the council’s Contact Centre, the council is introducing more services which can be accessed online.  The council currently has to make savings of £16 million in 2016/17, so contacting the council online will help to make essential savings.

To help residents get online, there are more PCs in each of the One Stop Shops (in Halewood, Huyton, Kirkby and Prescot), as well as PCs being available in the borough’s libraries.  Support to use these PC’s will be available from staff at each location. In addition, Knowsley’s Family And Community Education (FACE) are offering a range of digital courses, for all abilities and many free of charge, across 40 locations in the borough.  Find out more by calling FACE on 0151 443 2026.

Residents who are unable to contact the council online due to health and mobility issues can still contact the council using their preferred method (by phone).

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