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Citizens Advice information for Monarch customers on how they may be able to get a refund

Monarch has ceased trading and is no longer operating flights or providing holidays.

Citizens Advice has issued advice for Monarch customers who are yet to travel, on how they may be able to get a refund.

Citizens Advice Consumer Expert Kate Hobson said:

“The collapse of Monarch is clearly a worrying time for its customers.  Holidaymakers will no longer be able to travel with the company – but you might be able to get a refund depending on what and how you booked.

“If your booking is ATOL protected then the Civil Aviation Authority will arrange a refund.

“For people who have booked their holidays independently, you’ll need to contact any other companies you’ve made any bookings with – hotels, transfers etc – as you’ll still be liable for those bookings. Check the terms and conditions to see if you can cancel without being charged.

“If your booking isn’t ATOL protected you might be able to get money back through your insurance, credit or debit card issuer or through PayPal. Other elements of your holiday which you booked independently and can still be provided, won’t be covered by these payment schemes but you could check with your insurance provider.”

How to make a claim if you’ve paid by credit or debit card

Section 75

If you paid for all, or part of your holiday, on a credit card you may be able to make a Section 75 Claim through your card provider. The total cost of the purchase needs to cost more than £100.

Chargeback scheme

If you paid by debit card you could try and get your money back using your card provider’s Chargeback scheme.

Each provider has a different set of terms so you’ll need to check if you’re covered in the first instance. There is a time limit for when you can make a claim, typically this is 120 days from the date at which you become aware of a problem and 540 days from when you purchased your travel.

If you paid through PayPal

You need to raise your claim within 180 days of the date you paid for item so you should do this straight away. Claims opened after that period may be refused.

What if your insurance, card provider or PayPal refuses to pay up?

Consumers can go to Financial Ombudsman if they disagree with a decision.

More information is available from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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