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Britain’s homes aren’t up to scratch, as majority want to modernise their property

New research from Which? Trusted Traders uncovers the main frustrations homeowners have with their properties and what they would most like to fix or improve, revealing that Britain’s homes often fall short of modern day requirements.

Which? Trusted Traders surveyed 1,366 homeowners and found that the top three things people would change in their homes were the number and position of electrical sockets (23%), the location and quality of storage space (22%) and the amount of cabling, for example for internet and sound systems (19%).

Homeowners are also keen to improve the amount of wiring (e.g. for extra appliances or sockets) in their homes (19%) and room sizes/general layout (17%).

The study revealed that the majority are looking to modernise their homes, with more than 60% of people wanting to update their property’s tech capabilities.

If you want to modernise your home, you can find a recommended tradesperson in your area by visiting Which? Trusted Traders.

Raj Kakar-Clayton, Managing Director of Which? Trusted Traders, said:

“Some of the more common frustrations that people have with their homes, such as the position of electrical sockets and the amount of cabling, should be relatively easy to fix.

“For peace of mind, make sure you hire a trader who is well recommended and part of an independent endorsement scheme.”

Please find a video to illustrate the research here – youtu.be/LeevuMzvpBI

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