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Back to school for more pupils from Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School, Oswaldtwistle

Arrangements have been made for more pupils from Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School to return to education.

Pupils in Year 10 will also be taught at Hameldon Community College from Monday 5 November.

They will join pupils from Years 7 and 8 who are already being taught at the college.

All pupils from Rhyddings School will be totally self-contained within part of the Hameldon Community College building. They will also all be taught by their usual teachers from Rhyddings School.

Pupils in Year 9 will also be able to return to Rhyddings School for three days next week on Monday 5 November, Wednesday 7 November and Thursday 8 November.

The normal curriculum will be offered for all pupils who are being temporarily educated at Hameldon Community College. Pastoral and other staff teaching pupils with any special needs will also be available.

Arrangements have been put in place to transport 332 pupils from Years 7, 8 and 10 from Rhyddings School to Hameldon Community College at 8.45am. This is the time that students are normally expected to arrive at school for the start of the day.

Pupils will leave Hameldon Community College just after 2.30pm to return back to Rhyddings School. They will be picked up and dropped off on Haworth Street.

School lunches will be available at Hameldon Community College for all pupils. They can also take their own packed lunch to school.

A decision was taken earlier this year to close Hameldon Community College in 2019, which means that there is some spare capacity available as a phased closure is currently in place.

Only pupils in Year 11 have continued to be educated at Ryddings School, following its partial closure on Monday 29 October for necessary remedial work to be carried out.

The temporary closure is in place so that the frames of two of the school buildings can be strengthened. The problem was noticed during some ongoing planned maintenance work.

The building frames that need attention are in the east and west four-storey blocks, which house many of the classrooms and dining facilities.

The decision has been taken not to use the two buildings at all whilst work is ongoing, as the safety of pupils and staff is paramount.

County Councillor Susie Charles, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools, said: “We are continuing to do all we can to get all pupils back to school as soon as possible.

“Using Hameldon Community College to teach pupils really is a practical solution.

“Pupils from the three year groups who are usually educated at Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School will all be located together in one part of the college, and taught by their usual teachers.

“We are also liaising with the contractor to make sure that the work is completed as soon as possible, so that all pupils can return to school, as normal.

“We will continue to keep people updated about this situation.”

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