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71,000 families hit by the two-child limit policy in its first year

DWP statistics published today show 71,000 families have lost entitlement to child allowances in tax credits or universal credit in the first year of the ‘two-child policy’.

Commenting on the figure, Child Poverty Action Group Chief Executive Alison Garnham said:

“Our analysis with IPPR last year found 200,000 children will be pulled into poverty by the two-child limit. Today’s DWP statistics now show it’s already having a damaging impact – and at a fast pace. These are struggling families, most of them in work, who will lose up to £2,780 a year – a huge amount if you’re a parent on low pay.

“An estimated one in six UK children will be living in a family affected by the two-child limit once the policy has had its full impact. It’s a pernicious, poverty-producing policy. Even when times are tough, parents share family resources equally among their children, but now the government is treating some children as less deserving of support purely because of their order of birth. Having older siblings should not mean that a child misses out on support.

“Sixty Bishops from the Church of England and senior representatives from other Christian, Jewish and Muslim organisations have said the policy should be reconsidered. We again urge Ministers to review the policy in the interests of family life.”

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