Home News New report claims 4.6 million children are living in poverty

New report claims 4.6 million children are living in poverty


The Children’s Society believes ending child poverty must be a key aim for the government – but trends in child poverty are going in the wrong direction, with this important new report indicating a 3% per cent increase over the last 3 years.

In response to the publication of The Social Metrics Commission’s “Measuring Poverty 2019″ report, Dr Sam Royston, Director of Policy and Research at The Children’s Society said:

“Seeing a single child’s life blighted by poverty in modern Britain should be a scandal. For 4.6 million children to be facing poverty according to this proposed new measure – and nearly three quarters of them to be in working families – is a national shame requiring urgent action.

The new Prime Minister must commit to end the ongoing benefit freeze so that families can afford to pay bills and purchase everyday essentials. The government must also provide the funding needed to deliver effective emergency financial support – including by supporting councils to deliver local welfare assistance schemes. This will help to ensure when families do face difficulties, they aren’t left with nowhere to turn.

No matter what approach is taken to measuring child poverty; urgent action is needed to address the issue. We must work to prevent generations of young people from growing up and experiencing the detrimental effect poverty has on their immediate wellbeing and long-term life chances.”


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