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New Asian food counters at your local Asda

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KellyDeli, owner of sushi counter franchise Sushi Daily, have launched a new one-stop Asian food concept Sticks, Bowls and Rolls featuring well-loved flavours from teriyaki to tikka masala, at Skelmersdale Asda.

The brightly coloured kiosks will burst with fresh ingredients and Asian flavours, with prices ranging from £2 to £10, offering convenient meals and snacks to take home, which can even be heated up in store to take away.

Customers can choose from skewered meats and tofu, rice bowls, bao buns and sushi, or there is a selection of bundle boxes for the indecisive.

The menu features skewered chicken sticks with flavours such as chilli, tikka and teriyaki, all priced at £3. Vegetarian options include teriyaki tofu and katsu tofu at £3.50.

Bowls will include rice with chicken, pork, prawns or tofu, accompanied by vegetables and a sauce. The range includes dishes such as chicken tikka masala for £4, teriyaki chicken for £4.50, barbecue pulled pork for £5, teriyaki tofu for £5 and teriyaki tempura prawn for £5.50.

Bao buns, a type of Asian bread roll, will be packed with chicken, prawns, pulled pork and vegetables. Bao dishes include teriyaki chicken at £2.25, barbecue pulled pork at £2.50, teriyaki tofu £2.50 and tempura prawn at £2.75.

Bundle boxes feature great combinations of bowls, rolls and sides, all priced at £6. For example, a Cheeky Bundle includes one Katsu Chicken Bao, one Teriyaki Chicken Bao and a side of three chicken gyozas. 

KellyDeli UK Managing Director Ian Roberts said: “We’re very excited to announce our new concept Sticks Bowls and Rolls, which will offer Asda customers interesting Asian-inspired flavours with a range of comfort food or healthier alternatives. 

“We hope Sticks Bowls and Rolls provide our customers with a delicious and exciting meal to have at home and bring some joy into the food shop. We also know it’s very easy to feel hungry when at the supermarket, so the option to heat up our dishes to enjoy right away will brighten up any day.”

Kelly Deli has a total of seven Sticks Bowls and Rolls counters across the UK. For more information, please visit kellydeli.com/gb-en.


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