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National Health Service 72nd Birthday Celebrations on 5th July – NHS COVID-19 Return to Work

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As part of our National Health Service Birthday Celebrations, Lancashire County Councillor John Fillis has been one of those chosen to represent staff who have returned to work in our National Health Service during the Covid Crisis.

John said “I’m really honoured by this. I’m no Hero and I’m certainly not an Angel. I was a professional with over 35 years’ experience and basic skills to help people through this devastating time and support our community’s recovery. I had not been on a ward for six years so my biggest concern was could I cope with the physical and mental strain of returning to nursing.

“The real heroes during this crisis in our society are the shop staff, postie’s, volunteers, homeworkers, drivers and many more people just getting on regardless of the difficulties they face every day.

“I was astonished at the speed and support I received during every step of my return to work. The Nursing and Midwifery Council, National Health Service, North West Leadership Academy, Merseycare NHS Trust and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust all working together to help me return to nursing.

“I undertook 35 online Statutory and Mandatory Certificate as well as reading mountains of documentation regarding COVID-19, I was also required to attend training days with the trusts. All in preparation for the day I stepped back on to a ward.

“It was my choice to walk through the doors of the Springview Unit at Clatterbridge Hospital. Lots of things had gone through my mind. I settled for turn up and don’t do anything stupid, which I’m please to say I achieved.

“All the staff were absolutely fantastic with me nurses, doctors, occupational therapist, psychologist, domestic and porters. Watching them all working round the ward was amazing as I passed from one to another, learning the policies and processes that provided the safety and security to deliver excellent patient care. Over the last month they have all helped me through my ignorance, answering all my concerns and watched over me during my wobbles. It’s such a positive and friendly place and we have a great laugh.

“I would also like to thank the patients for tolerating me, in what is a very difficult time for them. I am doing my best and promise that I will get better.

“I am now a professional and proud to be working in our National Health Service with some of the greatest staff in the world.

“A big thank you to all the public for your support. It is appreciated by everyone in our National Health Service.”

john fillis nhs

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