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Mystery of the missing trolleys



Have you noticed that there are less and less small trolleys available for shoppers at the ASDA superstore in Skelmersdale? SkemNews.com have received a number of calls telling us that the trolleys have been stolen… Surely not!

Armed with this incredible story we contacted a number of people that confirmed that they believed the story to be true. SkemNews.com offered ASDA the opportunity to comment.

An Asda spokesperson told SkemNews.com “We are aware that some of our trolleys have gone for a wander around the town and while we know our customers do use our trolleys appropriately, we’d ask the small number of people who take them off site and abandon them to please stop doing so. We are awaiting delivery of new trolleys to replace the missing ones, but if any customer does see one of our stray trolleys please get in touch with the store and we will come and collect it.”

Seriously, if you do see an ASDA shopping trolley in the town contact ASDA on 01695 558980

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  1. There hasnt ever been enough small trollies at Asda. And the staff use them for rubbish in and around the shop


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