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Mums the word! Women’s love for their pets revealed this Mother’s Day

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Research by leading pet care brands Webbox and Webbox Naturals has identified that 93% of women value their pet as a part of the family and 79% refer to themselves as mum/mummy in regards to their four-legged friend.

As the nation celebrates Mother’s Day, it seems that pets play a key role in families across the UK as just under a third of mums (32%) want to spend Mother’s Day equally with their children and pets with 20% of women admitting to spending more time thinking about their pet more than their partner when not with them.

With personalised cards from pets becoming more popular from major card distributors, 3 in 10 (30%) of women have received a card from their pet on a special occasion.

Nearly a third of female pet owners (32%) also admitted that they say ‘I love you’ more to their pet over their partner. 2 in 3 (69%) women have confirmed that their pet is their best friend and over 8 in 10 (85%) agree that spending time with their pet makes them feel less lonely.

If families are wondering what to do this Mother’s Day, the study also found 27% of women polled would rather go for a walk or run with their pet over their partner, while a third (30%) would simply love to cuddle of the sofa with their fur baby and watch a nice film or their favourite TV show. Good news for people located by the coast as over 1 in 10 mums (12%) would love to spend the day at the beach with their pet.

Julie Butcher, pet expert at Webbox says “Mother’s Day isn’t just celebrating mothers in the traditional sense, but the love that women give to everyone in their life, including our four-legged friends! At Webbox, we truly believe that our pets are key members of the family so why not show our pet mums some love and appreciation this Mother’s Day.

“As well as treating Mums this Mother’s Day, why not show your pet just how much you love them. Here at Webbox, we have lots of treats and meals that are puppy and kitten friendly, so from young to old, you can show your pet love that lasts a lifetime. There’s a range of products to choose from at Webbox and Webbox Naturals, whether it’s plush toys or natural meaty chews, there is something for your furry friend.”

Webbox and Webbox Naturals have a range of treats and toys for pets with many options that are puppy and kitten friendly. For further information, visit www.webbox.co.uk

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