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Most motorists happy to ditch their local mechanic


UK sees big drive in demand for garage alternatives

Has the motorist’s relationship with their local garage lost its luster? Turns out, almost all the motorists queried in a recent survey said they would be open to ditching their garage in favour of an alternative way of getting their vehicles repaired. In fact, only 5% of motorists surveyed by online car repair marketplace ClickMechanic.com said they preferred to stick with their garage when it comes to repairs.

The findings – which previously discovered that over half of UK drivers ignored vehicle problems until the very last minute or until the car was no longer functioning, in order to avoid interacting with garages and mechanics – also show that UK drivers are never fully confident about pricing through garages and dealerships. This has led to a shift in seeking repair alternatives elsewhere – towards the use of mobile mechanics, in particular.

In a ClickMechanic survey, 95% of motorists said they would ditch their local garage for an alternative.

Andrew Jervis, co-founder and CEO of ClickMechanic, says, “Mobile mechanics provide a really compelling value proposition to consumers who want to avoid going to the workshop. Not only do consumers save time not having to travel, but they can see exactly what the mechanics are doing from the comfort of their own home.”

Many people prefer to hire a mobile mechanic instead of going to their local garages. Now, in consideration of the social distancing recommendations, ClickMechanic has tweaked its processes to make a completely ‘contactless’ car repair service. This means customers can get their car completely serviced without ever having any physical contact with a mechanic.

Mobile mechanics differ from workshops and dealerships in not having to facilitate the payment of rent, bills, insurance and more for a physical space. This provides more freedom to not only travel directly to their customers, but also enables them to offer faster services either on the go or at the customer’s convenience.

When hiring mobile mechanics, the most common requests that motorists have are for MOT services, diagnostic inspections, clutch replacements, brake discs and pads replacements, and full services. Payment is typically more competitive and transparent than franchises and garages, enabling drivers to know what they are committing to right from the start.

“Despite a huge amount of tremendously talented and dedicated mechanics operating in the industry, there has been a general theme of lack of confidence in the trade – largely led by a minority of poor-performing operators,” Jervis adds. “This has presented a great opportunity for companies trying to change this perception, such as ClickMechanic, as consumers are willing to give us and mobile mechanic providers a try for the first time.”

For more information about ClickMechanic, visit www.clickmechanic.com.


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