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Monaco: A Procession Or A Race


To many, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious races on the F1 calendar. With the barriers so close to edges of the track, concentration is the key to completing this very tight and twisty circuit. One of the main aspects of this race is the use of public roads, which makes racing here more special, however, this also presents several challenges for teams. One of these challenges is the lack of run-off areas around the circuit meaning one mistake is race over almost instantly also it is “almost impossible” to overtake at Monaco due to the narrow public roads used, make for entertaining races year in, year out.

The Monaco grid is arguably the most expensive grid on the calendar as many famous names including the Prince of Monaco turn out to watch the prestigious race. It is purely because of this that some think that the Monaco Grand Prix is more of a procession than the race it once was and should be removed from the calendar altogether. Those who believe the race is now a procession are of the opinion that the teams and famous name that turn up to the GP only use it for one purpose, publicity.

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Should Monaco be removed from the calendar for future seasons?

Is Monaco a procession or is it still the legendary Grand Prix of old?



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