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Making ‘Our Lancashire’ a greater place to live, work, and play


A Lancashire-wide initiative has been created to encourage local residents to join, create, and participate in groups, clubs, and teams throughout the county.

Our Lancashire is a free resource for groups and people who are looking to get involved in clubs and teams, as well as providing access to funding and support.

The concept, “Let’s Join Together”, offers guidance and advice on how to set up a group, increase interest in a club or team, and for local residents to discover new events and activities to attend.

Commissioned by the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Our Lancashire seeks to increase confidence and resilience and ultimately reduce crime and demand on public services across Lancashire.

Clive Grunshaw, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, said: “Our Lancashire is so much more than a directory – it’s a place where people can find activities to get involved in and try something new, whether that’s knitting, coffee clubs, or boxing.

“Our Lancashire is key to helping us tackle crime and reoffending, as well as supporting vulnerable people and developing safe, confident communities that work together to create a social environment.

“I want to celebrate and encourage people to get involved and become a member of a team or even start their own club – this is what builds communities and keeps people engaged and connected.

“Creating and running a group or club takes courage, but the benefits for the local community can be boundless. By bringing groups together in one place, Lancashire can become the social action capital of the UK.”

Engagement officers are situated throughout Lancashire who are looking to recruit new members to add to the site’s 500+ groups, as well as help individuals who are looking to join.

Whether you’re looking to join a baking club, recruit players to your football team, or start up a poetry group, Our Lancashire has the resources available to help with promotion and sign-ups.

Other benefits of joining the initiative include: 

  • Access to website to post and advertise groups and increase membership
  • Free place to advertise events and increase profile and attendance
  • Up to six free DBS checks for all groups published on the site, with less than £150K turnover for their volunteers
  • Access to free e-learning training

To find out more visit ourlancashire.org.uk.

Location-based meet-ups will be happening over the coming weeks. This will enable participants to see how they can use groups to bring parts of the community together, as well as share stories of the great work which is already happening and how this can continue. Representatives from the Crime Commissioner’s Office will be available on the day to discuss the benefits. Places are booking up quickly, so make sure you sign up soon.


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