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Made on Merseyside exhibition – get involved


Kirkby Gallery will be hosting an exhibition this year celebrating industry in the local area – the goods produced here and the people who made them, sharing the stories of businesses large and small, past and present.

The gallery needs you to make it happen!

Did you, or anyone you know, work at the any of the following places?

  • Tinling’s
  • Bludell’s Files
  • Huntley and Palmer
  • Bryant and May
  • Hornby Meccano
  • Bird’s Eye
  • Connolly’s
  • Contract Chemicals
  • Amazon Studios
  • Royal Ordnance Factory
  • Leather Satchel Company
  • Lancashire Watch Company
  • Tushingham’s
  • BICC
  • Ford
  • Cronton Colliery
  • Whiston Colliery
  • English Electric
  • Jaguar Land Rover

…and do you have any photos or footage of your colleagues, factory, workshop etc.? Or any examples of products, promotional materials, uniforms or tools that Kirkby Gallery could borrow for the exhibition?

If you are interested in being involved in the Made on Merseyside exhibition at Kirkby Gallery, please contact Tina Ball on 0151 443 5617 or email tina.ball@knowsley.gov.uk by Friday 31 May 2019

Thank you!


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