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SkemNews are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a selection of articles written by the Skelmersdale Writers’ Group. All rights remain with the Skelmersdale Writers’ Group.

Loneliness is horrible when nobody is there,

sitting here on this bench does anybody care?

Nobody to share good times with, nobody to talk to,

I’m so isolated from the world, just what am I to do?

Unsure of my identity, I just about exist

and humanity ignores me as by them I am dismissed.

Some look upon me like I am some sort of freak,

as exclusion of myself is their intention that they seek.

They are set against in giving me the time of day,

what have I done that makes them act that way?

Maybe I am destined to wander this world alone,

is it destiny or curse, or something from the unknown?

On the edge of uncertainty, shrouded with doubt,

what is the point and purpose? What is life all about?

Only time will tell which direction it will take,

for I am at a cross roads, where I will make or break.

Need a guardian angel to watch my back,

to keep the demons at bay when on the attack.

Hope a way can be found in ending this hell,

to find a steady balance, for all in life to be well.

With all hope in God I pray looking up to the sky,

seeking to find an answer from up there on high.



©  2017 Paul Le Marinel


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