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Local Nature Partnerships report: longer term support is needed


The Environmental Audit Committee has today released a report on Local Nature Partnerships. The report states that a lack of resources and a mixed performance record are compromising the excellent opportunity LNPs offer in providing natural environment protections.

In response to the EAC’s report, Emma Marrington, Senior Rural Policy Campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England, comments:

“As the report highlights, while some Local Nature Partnerships are working well, many are under-resourced and some have become inactive or side-lined. Government must urgently give long term support and resources to rejuvenate LNPs, so as to enable them to put landscape and nature at the heart of local planning.

“Local Enterprise Partnerships, meanwhile, are heavily funded and they must do more to contribute to landscape and nature. We would like to see LEPs work closely with LNPs towards joined up management of the landscape, delivering both economic and environmental benefits. For example, by supporting local food projects that can help preserve landscape character and develop a thriving economy.”


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