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Local democracy takes a heavy blow

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Photo Credit: Carl Eaton

Mr Carl Eaton had intended to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming May election.

Mr Eaton is well known in Skelmersdale and surrounding area for his sterling work with his football team Men-Aces. He is a leading campaigner in Skelmersdale and has a proven track record of fighting for what he believes is right.

A man that through his own dedication inspires others to achieve their dreams.

Mr Eaton had initially planned to stand for election in the Up Holland ward, challenging the sitting leader of the council; Cllr Ian Moran, before eventually deciding to contest the Moorside ward. A bold choice by Mr Eaton.

Whether you agree with Mr Eaton or not, whether you like him or not, whether would vote for him or not, he has the lawful right to stand for election.

We looked forward to Mr Eaton campaigning for office, we believe that he would have added passion and determination to the campaign, local politics and the community is the loser here.

Mr Eaton has now withdrawn from the election and on his Facebook page Mr Eaton explained his reasons for doing so.


“Hello all.

As most will know it was my intentions to stand for this years local elections in May. A great friend of mine Peter Thompson of Little Man Design had built an amazing website to support my campaign and I was genuinely looking forward to the challenge.

However the events of the last few days have now changed all that.

My Facebook and Twitter account has been subjected to very personal abuse by trolls. I can handle anyone’s political views against mine but when it turns abusive and even brings my disability into question then frankly I find the whole thing vile, disgusting and very upsetting.

My wife has also had many calls over the weekend with no one on the other end.

I remember several years ago when I was awarded the Points of Light award from the then Prime Minister David Cameron I was also subjected to abuse.

All my adult life I have supported and helped those less fortunate than myself and have certainly fought the corner of the underdog. I have achieved so much without becoming a Councillor and have gained the respect of a community that I love and will continue to support.

Sometimes in life things don’t turn out the way you planned but I’m also a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

I am sure some of the perpetrators of the abuse levelled at myself will have read this and whilst I am struggling and trying not to stoop to their atrocious, repulsive and repugnant comments I do have this to say. If you could ever be half the person I am today then I am sure that it would be a huge achievement for your sad and lonely existence.

I can’t pretend that I’m not hurt but believe me I will bounce back and trust me when I tell you that the best is yet to come. To all those that have supported me I say thank you from the bottom of my heart and to the haters and sick individuals one day your time will come.

To my friends, by all means leave your comments but keep them calm and non abusive. Let us not bow down to the levels of some. Can I also make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that I point the finger at no one and certainly not at our Councillors. Clearly there are some very sick and twisted individuals out there who are looking for their 5 mins of fame. I’m fine guys guys believe me. Have a great week everyone.”


  1. I am deeply sickened and saddened by this! Yes Carl is the founder and leader of The Skem Men Aces which in itself is such a wonderful achievement, but he also regularly campaigns and supports other charity’s both local and national. And I am sure he wont mind me saying this but he also has disabilities himself which he never lets get him down, along with running The Skem Men Aces and all the charity work he does he is also working full time and looking after his family. He has even taken some of the men aces under his wing and has treated them as part of the family. I wish he would carry out his dreams of standing as a candidate, but I understand why he isn’t. Don’t give up Carl, and don’t let the sick individuals get you down, you have always had and always will have my support!


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