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LGA signs up to Plotr to help promote local government careers


The Local Government Association (LGA) has signed up to Plotr, a Government-supported, employer-led careers website that builds bridges between the world of education and the world of work, in order to help councils recruit the best young people.

Plotr’s mandate is for 11 to 24-year-olds, with a strong focus on targeting the 14-19 age group, a time when many of a young person’s key career milestones happen.

The arrangement with Plotr has two key elements with the LGA funding the creation of a Local Government World platform within the website that will showcase the range of careers and opportunities that councils have to offer.

Secondly, individual councils will be able to create their own employer profiles which will provide young people with more localised information and details of job opportunities within councils. The LGA’s deal with Plotr means this will be available to councils at a significantly reduced rate to that which they would pay if they approached Plotr directly.

Signing up to the website follows the LGA’s recent ‘Working in Local Government’ guide which outlines the important work that councils do within the places that young people live, work, learn, shop, socialise and exercise and highlights the huge variety of interesting and meaningful careers that councils have to offer.

Cllr David Sparks, LGA Chair and a former careers advisor, said:

“Making choices about their career and the world of work is one of the biggest decisions that young people have to make but to do that effectively and reach their full potential, they need the right information. At the same time, the fundamental changes and challenges that councils are dealing with on a daily basis mean they offer incredibly rewarding and diverse careers and it is important young people think about local government as a fantastic career choice.

“Since its launch in December, the LGA has received very positive feedback from councils, schools and career advisers all of whom believe the guide is an important contribution to the range of information young people need when thinking about their futures.

“Councils are exciting, rewarding and innovative places for young people to work. The success of the National Graduate Development Programme shows that talented young people will choose a career in local government when they have the right information on which to base their decision. The new careers guide and the creation of a local government profile on the Plotr website will help councils spread that information even further.”


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