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LGA responds to the RAC pothole index


Responding to the RAC pothole index following the ‘Beast from the East’, Cllr Martin Tett, the Local Government Association’s Transport spokesman, said:

“When exceptional weather occurs, the impact on local roads can be significant, and it’s essential this is measured and that funds are provided for serious repairs, so that traffic can move freely through our communities and local economies and businesses aren’t impacted.

“Councils are likely to need more support from the Government as the full extent of the repairs needed after the recent winter weather has been made known, and we hope that the Government will stand ready to provide this.

“Councils ultimately need the Government to deliver a long-term, sustainable funding solution for our local roads that can boost local economies and deliver for our communities.

“The LGA has been calling on the Government to reinvest a portion of existing fuel duty into local road maintenance which would generate much needed funding for councils to spend on improving roads and filling potholes and begin addressing the £9.31 billion roads repair backlog.”


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