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LGA responds to Children’s Society report on financial hardship

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Responding to the Children’s Society report which found long-term and sustained cuts to local emergency support schemes are leaving families, especially those affected by coronavirus, with nowhere to turn in a financial crisis, Cllr Richard Watts, Chair of the LGA’s Resources Board, said:

“Councils are best placed to understand and respond to the challenges faced by their communities and we continue to highlight the vital role of the local safety net in providing timely, targeted and effective support to households at risk of financial hardship.

“Despite the financial challenges they themselves have faced during the coronavirus pandemic, councils have rapidly expanded existing support to the meet the needs of low-income households who are struggling financially, or who have become economically vulnerable.

“The impacts of the current crisis are likely to be felt in our communities for some time to come. It is therefore vital that councils have the tools they need to ensure that all of our diverse communities have the best possible chance of contributing to and benefiting from economic recovery.

“Many councils will find it hard to sustain the levels of support that people are likely to need without additional funding. With the right funding and flexibilities, councils can better support low-income and disadvantaged households, lift thousands out of poverty and help the Government realise its commitment to level up communities across the country.”


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