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Less disruption this morning, but more snow is forecast


Lancashire County Council is working hard to keep traffic moving, with gritting teams gearing up to deal with further snow showers forecast for later today.

Some roads in the east of the county remain closed due to drifting snow, and people are being asked to consider if their journey is essential before setting out.

Conditions on the roads have generally improved over the last 24 hours, with less disruption to council services expected today. Around 125 schools are closed today, down from around 170 which were closed yesterday, and all recycling centres and libraries are now open.

The county council is continuing to work closely with social care providers to ensure that support is prioritised for those who need it most, though some non-urgent visits might not take place today.

The council is asking people to help by checking on anyone they know who is vulnerable to make sure that they’re staying warm and well, and have everything they need.

A number of roads were closed yesterday and overnight due to deep snow drifts, or obstructions due abandoned vehicles, downed trees and powerlines.

Highway teams are working hard to reopen those roads which remain closed, however drivers are being alerted to watch out for black ice which could form as snow drifts melt onto freezing road surfaces.

The county council lists unavoidable school closures on its website but relies on schools to get in touch if they are closed. Schools are reminded to let the county council know as soon as possible if they are due to be closed.


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