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Leader pays tribute to dedicated councillor

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Photo: Councillor Sheila Seddon.

St Helens Council Leader Barrie Grunewald has paid tribute to Thatto Heath Ward Councillor and former Mayor Sheila Seddon, who passed away earlier today (16 September).

“Sheila was a dedicated and energetic councillor who worked tirelessly to help others,” said Councillor Grunewald. “During her year as Mayor she undertook over 500 engagements and will always be remembered as someone who always tried to make life better for people across the borough.”

Councillor Seddon (69) had been an elected member of St Helens Council since 1999. She served on several council committees, including the Audit and Financial Monitoring Overview and Scrutiny Panel; the Corporate Parenting Forum and the Overview and Scrutiny Commission. She was also Chairman of the Environment, Regeneration, Housing, Culture and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

During her year as Mayor Councillor Seddon divided her fundraising efforts between two charities – the St Helens-based HoneyRose Foundation and the St Helens District Sports Council. Each benefited by almost £6,500.

Both causes were close to Councillor Seddon’s heart. The HoneyRose Foundation was set up by Lynn Duffy in memory of three of her friends who, despite suffering terminal illnesses, were determined to achieve personal goals for as long as they were able. The charity helps terminally ill adults of all ages to enjoy their very own special day, event or weekend

The District Sports Council is an independent body which aims to improve quality of life by promoting physical, active and healthier lifestyles in whatever sport people choose to participate in regardless of their age or ability.

The Union Jack will fly at half-mast over St Helens Town Hall as a mark of respect.


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