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Lancashire’s Cover for Criminals


Lancashire County Council is proposing to turn off 18,000 street lighting units in residential streets between the hours of midnight and 5am. This works out to be every 1 in 5 residential street lights will be switched off. In a bid to save £37,000 as part of its budget cuts. This is on top of the cuts to lighting maintenance and night time inspections, which has already been agreed.

To put this in to a budget perspective, only a few months ago the Lancashire Conservative administration agreed to pay £38,000 for the Conservative Councillors to have new IPhones. All the other councillors refused to have them.

Along with cuts to the Police by the government and cuts by the county to Community Support Officers, already agreed as part of budget.

This proposal will go before the Cabinet Committee on 3rd December, then out to public consultation. It will then go before the Budget Full Council meeting in February 2019.

Cllr John Fillis, Labour Deputy Leader said “It’s clear that the Conservatives think more of their mobile phones than they do of the safety of local people and the protection of their positions.”

“This will mean that unspecified residential areas will be completely exposed to criminal activities under the cover of darkness for most of the night. With sheds, garages, cars and unfortunately people’s homes being prime targets for the criminals.”

“All their decisions have been taken in isolation without any thought of the wider implications of their action or the overall impact on the community. This will increase the fear of crime and act as cover for the criminals.”

“Their budget assessment will not only identify how many street lights this action will affect but it will also have told them what areas will have the lights switched off. Yet they are too cowardly to tell local people whose lights they are going to switch off.”

“The cost to the local community will far out way any saving by the council. Leaving local people to once again to pay more for less under this Conservative administration.”


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