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Lancashire Labour slam ‘unambitious’ climate change plans

lizzi collinge
Cllr Lizzi Collinge in front of Morecambe Bay

This week Lancashire Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Cllr Lizzi Collinge, has criticised what she says are “unambitious” and “weak” measures outlined by the Government in their new ten point plan for what they call a Green Industrial Revolution.

Cllr Collinge has also slammed the Conservative County Council administration for a lack of leadership on the issue of climate change after the council said they aimed for a 2050 target for net-zero carbon emissions. This is despite a 2019 Labour motion to the full county council, supported by both main parties, which instructed the county council to aim for net-zero emissions from its operations by 2030. The Government have set a 2050 target for net-zero carbon emissions across the UK.

Cllr Collinge said “The Conservative Government has stolen the headline of Green Industrial Revolution from our 2019 manifesto, but stripped it of any real ambition or meaning.

“This back-of-a-fag-packet list of half-hearted measures misses key areas such as housebuilding and relies on untested technology like carbon capture rather than addressing the root causes of climate change. As I’ve heard from many local businesses and home owners, we need certainty from the government, not a stop/start conveyor belt of short lived schemes that fail to address structural problems.

“Industry and individuals need leadership, both locally and nationally. Only this week we had a Conservative Scrutiny Committee Chair speak about how Lancashire County Council needs to show leadership on climate change, whilst in the same meeting accepting a 2050 target, which experts now say is too late.

“Climate change is a much bigger threat to our health and our economy than the coronavirus pandemic and should be met with the coordinated, emergency response it deserves.”


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