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Lancashire County Council Supports Covid-19 National Memorial Day

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Lancashire County Councillors today (Thursday 25 February) agreed to get behind a Leyland woman’s campaign to have a national day of memorial for all those who have lost their lives to Covid19.

In response to a Notice of Motion proposed by Leyland Central Councillor Matthew Tomlinson, the Council agreed to publicise Rachael Lidgett’s online petition calling for March 23rd to be a designated the day the nation reflects and remembers the 120,000+ people who have died as a result of the pandemic.

Cllr Tomlinson said, “I’ve already spoken to Rachael and she is delighted that the County Council is supporting her campaign. I’d like to commend her for the work she has done to highlight this cause, and wish her every success’.

Cllr Lizzi Collinge, County Councillor for Lancaster East, spoke in support of the motion saying that the country has suffered a collective trauma and needs a collective act of remembrance. Cllr Collinge also added that “early on in the pandemic, many people died alone. They were unable to have their family or friends with them when they passed.”

Remembering a friend who had recently died, Cllr Collinge said “It’s doubtful that I will be able to see her off in the way I would normally like to. As humans, we need ritual. We need ceremony and the comfort of others. And collectively and individually we haven’t had that over the past year. We need as a nation to mark our loss and give our due respect to the dead.”

  1. By County Councillor Tomlinson

This Council extends its sympathies and condolences to all our residents and families who have lost loved ones in the COVID-19 pandemic. Council commends everyone across the County, including many of our own staff, who have stepped forward during the last twelve months to provide help, assistance and support to all in our community in such difficult times In doing so, this Council supports the efforts of South Ribble resident Rachael Lidgett’s campaign to mark March 23rd as a day of national remembrance of all those who have died as a result of COVID-19. This Council further commits to provide publicity to the ongoing campaign and petition via its normal communications outlets.

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