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Lancashire County Council builds Council Tax War Chest


Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey has hit out at Lancashire County Council for building a Council Tax War Chest. This was after the Council announced a Council Tax increase of 3.99% for 2020/21 which includes a 2% Social Care Tax.

Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey commented:-

“Last year Conservative controlled Lancashire County Council increased Council Tax by 4% and they’re now imposing a further £20 million inflation busting maximum Council Tax hike of 3.99% for this year. This includes a Conservative Government Social Care Tax of 2% on every home in the County.

“It is estimated that Lancashire County Council has reserves of some £100 million but this won’t stop Conservative Council Leader Councillor Driver from filling his Council Tax War Chest ahead of next year’s County Council elections. This Conservative Council continues to impose inflation busting Council Tax increases while slashing and burning services at an alarming rate. Council Tax payers continue to pay more for much less in return.

“Councillor Driver claims he was putting up Council Tax “reluctantly” and they’re doing a great job of cutting services to balance a budget. So much so that they have even employed a cuts consultant so they can strip back more services. In short the Conservatives at County Hall are doing the Government’s dirty work by increasing Council Tax and slashing services that local people rely on. Instead of slashing services and hiking up Council Tax he should be banging on the Government’s door to demand more funds for Social Care and other essential Council Services.”


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