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Lancashire and South Cumbria organisations urged to back male suicide anti-stigma campaign

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Businesses and organisations across Lancashire and South Cumbria are being asked to look out for their male staff and clients this festive season to reduce suicides.

Suicide rates in Lancashire and South Cumbria are the third highest in England, and suicide is the biggest killer of men under age 49. To address this, the campaign, ‘Let’s Talk To Prevent Male Suicide’ will target:

  • Sports organisations
  • Construction industry
  • Rural and farming communities
  • Armed forces
  • Employers with a predominantly male workforce
  • Community initiatives aimed at men

The campaign will encourage businesses and organisations across the region, to support managers, colleagues, family and friends to talk to prevent suicide, and to create stigma-free working environments where people can seek help as well as reach out to colleagues they are worried about.

Businesses will be able to access:

  • an employee toolkit for tackling suicide stigma in the workplace;
  • free resources for tackling suicide stigma;
  • advice on developing workplace policies around suicide prevention;
  • information on how to access suicide prevention training.

Louise Thomas, Mental Health Clinical Network Programme Manager for Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System, said:

“We recognise that suicide is a complex issue but suicide prevention is everyone’s business. Of those who die by suicide, 67 per cent are not known to mental health services, so the workplace is an important setting for supporting those at risk.

“Our partnership is working to reduce suicide and demonstrate that we all can make a difference.”

The toolkit can be downloaded here.

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