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Labour Council ‘running scared of the public’


Move to reject scrutiny committee recommendations leaves West Lancashire as the only Lancashire Borough NOT to allow public questions at full council meetings

Residents look set to be shut out from asking the Council questions at full Council Meetings after a report paper from the Labour-run council for consideration at a meeting this week (Wednesday 26 February) rejected its own scrutiny committee recommendation to allow public questions at full Council meetings.

Local resident and Scott ward activist for Our West Lancashire, Blair Piggin said “Every other Lancashire Borough allows the public to ask questions of their elected representatives at full council meetings. It’s shameful that this council wants to prevent residents in West Lancashire having the same opportunity. The council might point to the chance to ask questions at cabinet or committees, but the rules are restrictive. The fact remains that this council stands out like a sore thumb in Lancashire for its lack of open Government. What is the council afraid of? A confident council would welcome the interest shown by its taxpayers.”

OWL Councillor Adrian Owens who sat on the scrutiny committee that recommended the council allow public questions at council meetings said, “Residents pay the allowances of councillors who are supposed to be public servants. Question time at full council meetings can easily be accommodated at negligible cost and Our West Lancashire will continue to campaign to give residents a greater voice.”


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