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Wedding frenzy is about to make a big return… and according to the latest Google Trend data, our precious pooches look set to play a central role                                   

As lockdown lifts just in time for wedding season, wedding planners are gearing up to make a notable shift towards more dog-friendly weddings. And this means our furry best friends are also very likely to play a leading role on the big day.

Due to lockdown and increased flexibility around work schedules, more people across the nation own dogs than ever. And our precious pooches are considered a core part of the family, with 60% of pet owners stating their wedding must accommodate them.

Google Trend data shows a 94% increase in the search term ‘pet friendly wedding’ from June 2020 to June 2021. And what’s more, the search term ‘dog at wedding’ has spiked by 87% in June 2021 compared to June 2020. 

These insights evidence there’s a rising trend in our four-legged friends having all-important responsibilities at their human’s weddings.

Our canines are walking the rings down the aisle, most wedding venues offer puppy crèches, and there’s a trend towards dog-friendly wedding cakes and pawsecco. Matching collars and engagement rings can now be purchased for both dog and owner. Lavish wedding outfits for dogs aren’t sights to be sniffed at, either!

Luckily, leading pet care brand, Bob Martin, is sharing its top tips on how to get your furry friend-picture perfect, ready to say ‘I woof you’ on the big day:


  1. Get your dog looking dapper and book in a pre-wedding trip to the groomer
  2. Make sure your dog is walked before the ceremony to keep toilet accidents at bay
  3. Keep coats in tip top condition – Bob Martin’s Skin and Coat Oil can help to moisturise and nourish
  4. Find the perfect doggy tux or dress for your best man or flower girl
  5. Give your dog Bob Martin’s Conditioning Tablets in the months before the day to promote a healthy, shiny coat
  6. Ensure your dog is socialised, especially if there’ll be other pups at the wedding
  7. Cater properly for your four-legged guests with dog-friendly food
  8. Be sure your dog has a full flea, tick and worm regime with Bob Martin’s Clear Treatment range, for a flea free ceremony
  9. Be sure to create a safe space at the wedding for your pup, with a quiet area for a time out
  10. Last but not least, enjoy having your life partner at the big day… the dog, of course!

Chris Socratous, Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin, commented: “There’s so many ways pet owners can get their dogs involved in their wedding. From the photography shots, to being best dog, flower dog or even ring bearer; it will provide memories that last a lifetime. Some owners even have their pooch joining their first dance!

“However you choose to get your best friend involved, make sure to reward them with treats and positive reinforcement throughout the day. This will keep their behaviour up and keep the day running smoothly. It will also be a good idea to introduce them to the venue beforehand, so they can familiarise themselves with the new sounds, smells and surroundings to reduce anxiety.

“And, it might not just be the bride or groom who is feeling a level of anxiety. Nervous energy can be picked up by your pet, so Bob Martin’s Stress and Calming Oil will soothe nerves in your dog – they’ll be ready to say ‘I do(g)’ in no time!”

For more information on Bob Martin as well as tips and advice on managing fleas, ticks and worms, please visit www.bobmartin.co.uk

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