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Information appeal made after distraction theft in Trafford


A woman has become a victim of a distraction theft in Trafford in which she had her purse stolen. On Tuesday 1st April 2014, at 5:30pm, the 61 year old woman had been walking back to her car after she had been shopping at Tesco, Manor Road, Altrincham. She had placed her purse on the passenger seat of her car before she emptied her shopping into the boot of her car.

The woman was then approached by a man claiming to be lost and he asked the woman whereabouts he was. The man opened up a map and spread it across the back window. When the woman told him where he was, the man left. It was at this point that the woman realised that her purse had been stolen.

The man has been described as having olive skin, he was clean shaven, dark cropped hair, he was 5ft 6in tall and had a slim build. He was in his 20s and had a scar above his right eye which went down to his cheek. The man had been wearing a black suit jacket with a white t-shirt underneath.

Police Constable Paul Grundy from Trafford south INPT said ‘The man came across friendly and genuinely seemed he was lost.  The victim was trying to be helpful and the thanks she got was for someone to steal her purse. We believe the man purposely put the map towards the back of the car so she would be distracted while a second person took her belongings.

I would ask anyone who may have witnessed the theft or feel they have been victim to a similar crime, to contact police.’

Anybody who has got any information can contact police on 0161 856 7530 or they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


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